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Gift planning made freaking simple

Have you at some point find it stressful to think of GIFT idea for nephews and nieces, a relative, a friend or someone special? Not anymore, my friend. I will give you some tips or I call it a blueprint on how to make the process or planning smoother.  It takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour for a person to decide what to give as a gift. Can you imagine?

And, it sometimes can turn out that those who are super busy people pass the responsibility of thinking (ahem…) to their secretaries, mom, sister or cousins. Well, here is the solution!  I prepared this fun graph that you can print anytime you have this kind of dilemma.  It doesn’t really fall as a big deal of a problem because hey…giving feels good! Right?

It can just become complicated if you don’t really know the person to give the gift to well. This tool will streamline your planning process.


Personally, I like customized items like the cutting board with slogan in the picture below.  It is a decorative item with a powerful message in addition to being a memorable item. What a bundle of value for your buck! It lasts long as you live. Gifts infinity.  You can move from house to house throughout your lifetime. The message will be read by many guests. You can also pass it to many generations because it is made of walnut or coconut wood which are durable.